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Austrian Artillery Officer--single figure

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First Legion, Ltd.

Item Number: NAP0502

Austrian Artillery Officer

We are very pleased to continue our coverage of the Battle of Aspern Essling with the addition of these wonderful Austrian Artillery figures.   With six different figures and 2 cannon variants, there are a variety of display options and Aspern Essling (or other dioramas featuring Napoleonic Austrians) can really take to take shape.

There are a few interesting points about Austrian artillery.  First, the gunners consisted entirely of volunteers, not conscripts, giving them a high level of professionalism and esprit de corps.  Second,  the Austrians were the only major nationality to not have a fully developed system of horse artillery and gunners didn't have individual horses to ride during movement.  They rode either on modified caissons or made use of a seat that was designed to sit on the gun trail and we have presented that option here with the 7 pound howitzer.  These figures make a wonderful addition to any serious Napoleonic figure collection!

60mm Hand Painted figure for collectors from the Napoleon's Europe product range.