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ACW Confederate Infantry Advancing #14--Mass Battle Series--single figur14

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First Legion, Ltd.

Item Number: MB017

ACW Confederate Infantry Advancing #14--Mass Battle Series
First Legion is pleased to present a brand new series, the Mass Battle Series!  Our Mass Battle figures have our same world class figure sculpting but with a neat, crisp, and tidy level of painting allowing us to bring them to you at a price point starting at only $36.95, almost half the cost of our normal connoisseur level figures.  We are launching this series for a variety of reasons, but the primary ones are to allow collectors to build very large dioramas (i.e. “Mass Battles!”) at a lower cost of entry than our standard level of figures.  Additionally, as costs continue to go up, we want to provide a more entry level figure so that we can reach a broader range of collectors around the world. Further, they can be used in dioramas in combination with our connoisseur figures allowing for both quality and quantity in the same display!  We will focus the series on ranges that lend themselves to these larger dioramas and as such we have decided to launch the series with some ACW Confederates.  While the core sculpts are the same as those used for the ACW001-022 55th North Carolina figures, we have changed up the head and arm combinations and changed all of the uniform colors so that these figures are not the same and rather will complement extremely well that existing release.  We have also added two new standard bearers of the 2nd Maryland infantry to support the inaugural release of the MB Series with both the state and regimental flags as carried at Gettysburg.  We sincerely hope you enjoy the new series and look for expansions for both ACW and other historical eras as well!

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