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November News 2

November 8, 2018

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November 2018 #2
We are just back form New Jersey and sorting out our wares. I am in the middle of sorting out another collection and looking at acquiring another one!
We posted some videos and a bunch of links below. Dive in!
Do you play games in the Malden/Boston area?
Well tell us! Join our Games page and promote your game, meet up with games, etc.
I just picked up a massive collection of older metal and plastic figures including Timpo, Deetail WWII Vehicles, Britainns, Elastolin, Starlux, 21st Century, Minimen WWI, Alymer, Edmonds, Marlborough, Dinky Toys and so much more. I will try and bring some to NJ this weekend and put some in the store. It will be a while before I get up on the website.
Massive King And Country WWII Collection just in!
1.72 Scale......We just got 200 more boxes..Miniart, Waterloo 1815 and Hat Industrie. This is the last of this massive collection.
Things of Note:
Saturday December 1st is Bolt Action Day!
Come down at 10AM and get a game in, try a demo or meet some fellow gamers. 28mm WWII and we sell everything you need if just getting into it.
Shows we are attending:
Want us to bring some item(s) call or email a list ASAP!
East Coast Toy Soldier Show
Thanks to all that came out and supported a great show!
Our booth......
November 5, 2018 NJ SHOW Metal figures
November 5, 2018 NJ SHOW Metal figures
November 5, 2018 NJ Show Plastic Figures
November 5, 2018 NJ Show Plastic Figures Here are a few pictures of our booth taken around 1PM.
Annual Model And Toy Soldier Show
Friday November 16 - 6PM to 9PM Saturday November 17 - 9AM to 4PM
Freeport Recreation Center 130 Merrick Road
Freeport, New York
No. VIRGINIA Toy Soldier Show and Sale
Saturday Dec. 1st 9AM-3PM
VFD 7128 Columbia Pike Annandale, VA
NETSS Toy Soldier Show
Woburn, MA  
Sunday December 9th at the Crown Plaza
9AM-3PM Woburn, Mass
Our first Holiday show!
We are always updating ebay so check out our listings.
LINK: (click picture)
We just added a nice pile of K&C to ebay including the Crimean War series. so click "ebay" above.
and some old classics like this one.
New K&C November releases!
The first batch arrived today.
Link: Future  NOW
Germans, Mexicans, Romans, oh my!
Hercule Poirot too!
Expeditionary Force News... Up next.....
54AMR03 American Woodland Indians (Tecumseh's Uprising)
The colour (Earth Yellow) is chosen to match both the American Militia in civilian dress (AMR 01) and the next release in the range, Frontiersmen in buckskin hunting shirts (AMR 02 a future item) to facilitate swapping of parts and heads.
The next set in the release queue is 60 CTB 02 Celtic Cavalry. This set is close to test casting and can be expected by early-November 2018 (if not earlier). Celtic Chariots and Command sets are ready and in the production queue. There will be two more sets for the Celts: (CTB 04) Warband at the charge and (CTB 05) Armed Civilians (women, children, old men, slaves, etc.,)
The next Napoleonic set in the queue is 54 BRT 06 British Highland Officers and Command. This set has commenced toolings and can be expected in November or early December 2018.
Our Plastic Platoon shipment was delayed but on its way now.
Also the Plastic Platoon Recoiless Rifle sets is on its way and changing gears a possible Christmas release will be German Paratroopers in Crete 1941!
A cool pic of the Saratoga 1777 series I had set up in NJ.
New November Releases
War of the Roses, Romans and
Saratoga 1777 Figures is this months offerings.