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Figarti WWII German for sale

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Posted 13 December 2014 - 08:06 AM

In addition to the FL I have for sale I also have these Figarti German items for sale. Please message me of interested. Just selling and not looking to trade.


Tiger Tanks

ETG069- 007 Tiger Tank $130

ETG080- Grey Tiger Tank $170

ETG096- 222 Tiger Tank $150

ETG097- Winter Tiger Tank $160

ETG102- Winter Tiger Tank #300 $190

ETG105- Winter Tiger #100 $190


ETG073- 6 Horse Limber Set $250

ETG074 Supply Wagon $185

ETG078 German Mortar Team $85

ETG079 Look Over There 3 man set $75

ETG083 Panther G $200


ETG089 Winter Stuke $150


The front landing gear on the Stuka had been glued on due to the instability of the landing gear. They were removed so they may have to be glued on again so that the plane can be displayed and stable.

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