Early January News

We are looking forward to a great year ahead. We are setting some goals in 2019.
So hit he beach….
Hike up that hill….
storm that castle…
What are you waiting for? Need reinforcements or motivation…we can help with that too!
Things of note:
Below we have listed the newest wave form Forces of Valor! That’s right Forces of Valor. They have changed hands and have begun producing again.
The John Jenkins January releases have been added and I expect some of them to sell out fast. Pre-order ASAP.
King and Country January Releases have been announced. See link further down.
The Collectors Showcase latest wave do in any day!

 We will be hosting the Pre-release for the new Magic the Gathering release on January 19th and 20th at 1PM on both days.  

We are always updating ebay so check out our listings.
LINK: (click picture)
We just marked some Collectors Showcase statues down to make room for the next shipment!
LINKS: 120mm
LINK: 1/6
Finally arrived from Plastic Platoon!
And due in 3-6 Weeks NVA Heavy Weapons
The December Releases are due in any day! LINK: TCS
WWII German Armoured Train (3 train cars),
Union 72nd Pennsylvania Zouave series, Vietnam Special forces series and 2 new 1/6 Statues.
 and 1/6th

New January Releases…

Barbarians, US Cavalry repaints, Afrika Corps, “Hermann Graf’s Bf.109 ‘Gustav”and Vietnam additions!
New John Jenkins January Releases.
I expect some of these to sell out fast, get your pre-order in ASAP!
RevWar Hessians and Jaegers, Roman Hastati, a new Corsair, Thracian, Conquistador, Barbarian and more!
New Forces of Valor Ships and Helicopters!
We just got word that there will be 2 new Chariots and Celtic Command coming in very soon.
Don’t forget to check out our store on youtube!
Hobby Bunker Store Video
Hobby Bunker Store Video
If you missed my quick year in review here it is again.
Well we are wrapping up another year of toy soldiers in 2018. There has been so many great releases this year from around the globe. The metal sets keep coming out at a steady pace and the plastic figure market has changed quit a bit this year. A few long time toy soldier faces have passed away this year and some have retired or changed hands. The demand for new figures is still there and with the baby boomers and long time collectors hitting the 70ish mark it has become a buyers market. So many new and old things to choose from and great finds to well…find!
In the plastic industry we have seen Plastic Platoon, Engineer Basevich and Chintoy become big players out of Russia. There are are also a few other makers making nice figures at high prices. is small batch stuff the way of the future? We saw Toy Soldiers of San Diego get sold and others who were making figures in China slow down. The LOD/Barzso Revwar figures are selling quite well. Is it the time for me to jump in to the manufacturing of plastic figures or run from it? Exforce really grew this year with the War of 1812, Napoleonic’s and Romans/Rome’s Enemies. What were your favorites?
War of 1812 American Militia in Civilian Dress by Exforce was our most popular selling set this year. I thought Plastic Platoon were the best sculpted figures of all time in the Plastic business. But the price, ouch.
Metal Toy Soldiers. King and Country continues to be the leader with JJD following right behind. First Legion made some nice vehicles but the releases weren’t as popular as the releases from 2017. T.Gunn continues to raise the bar and crank out some great figures. I think his painting and details especially with faces are really setting the bar as far as paint quality.
Well there were so may releases it’s hard to remember.  A couple of standouts in my head was the King and Country Vietnam range and the Battle of Saratoga by John Jenkins. Other Honorable mentions by K&C was the USMC and TRW range. JJD’s WWII Aircraft, Aztecs and Barbarians were hot sellers as well. The new company Team Miniatures have come out of nowhere and have made some great figures. What were your favorite sets of 2018?
My Best Seller was probably the Private Ryan sets by K&C, DD305, DD306, DD316.
Other products and store best sellers…..
Tamiya 1/35 Scale WWII and Modern are the best selling brand in the store and they had a few nice releases this year. Bandai Gundam kits are also very popular now. The best selling games are Games Workshop 40K and Dungeons and Dragons and related products. Vallejo continues to be our most popular paint range.

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