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We will be at the East Coast Toy Soldier Show tomorrow in Hackensack, NJ. Stop by see what’s new and say hello.

We are also working on a new Mailing. We should have to you before Thanksgiving. In the meantime the best place for information is our website. We also have a great forum for collectors so check that out if you want to discuss your hobby.

In the store…

We just received a big restock of The Plastic Soldier Co (15mm/ 1/72 Scale and Board Games). Also in this week was several new FOW Team Yankee sets, X-Wing Heroes of Resistance and GW’s new The Horus Heresy “Burning of Prospero” Boxed Set and many more items. We also just got a nice die-cast Fire Truck and car collection. We should that have that out in the shop shortly.
In our metal soldiers category we just received the latest batch of K&C releases, and John Jenkins Designs (along with a big restock). We have also updated the First Legion Section. In the plastic soldier category we just received the Classic Toy Soldiers North Korean Soldiers to accompany the Chinese Soldiers. This is only the second set of plastic Korean War figures ever made. Most WWII Americans would be suitable as opposing forces (TSSD, Airfix and Classic Toy Soldiers all make GI’s). See below for link to buy.


SUPER SALE!We finally added a bunch of new items to this section. LINK: **Super Sale

Here is some inspiration for all you Toy Soldier Diorama Enthusiasts.



John Jenkins Designs – October Releases just added LINK: JJD

King & Country – October Release LINK: NEW K&C

The Collector’s Showcase –  New Sherman Tank just announced.
Also there will be some new Modern US Soldiers released next month!

Thomas Gunn Miniatures– October Releases- LINK: NEW Gunn

First Legion Ltd– new Romans LINK: ROME!

W. Britain–  W.Britain’s 2016 have been announced. Now ready to pre-order LINK:W.britains

FIGARTI MINIATURES   NEW PANTHER G Tanks on sale now! LINK: Panthers


Store Events:


Guildball and Warmachine/Hordes 


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Registration 10am, first pairings at 10:45am and dice rolling by 11am

75 points, Steamroller 2016 format, 2 lists allowed but not required, deathclock timing

$10 per player registration fee, additional donations to cheat



Saturday, Nov. 5th 1PM Dicemasters  – Single Energy Slam event!

Standard constructed event with one obvious catch. Bring your favorite energy in a team and see who comes out on top.



Warhammer 40k 

Come and join the Evil Dice 40k Gaming group every Sunday from 12-5PM for opening gaming.  




Magic: The Gathering CCG  

Always games on Thursday nights and FNM every Friday.   



Boston Trained Bands       


Open Gaming Every Thursday and Saturday

A few toy soldier updates in detail……


Tradition of London

The 2016 Christmas Set is in. Link: German WWI


New King and Country upcoming October Releases now all in stock! 

New Antony And Cleopatra, French Old Guard, German WWII Bergpanther, new LAH figures and a Great new
Christmas set!










We just received CTS179A New Korean War – NORTH KOREANS 16 in 8 poses for $24.95
Now shipping! Here is the LINK: CTS179A

Also don’t forget The Chinese from The Korean War set. Still Available CTS178A.


Some new figures just in from England…..LINK: Replicants

Limited stock…Don’t wait!

All new Alamo Mexicans in Action
$24.00 for 12 figures in 4 poses with swoppable heads Now in stock! LINK: MEXICANS

Now in Light Blue and Powder Blue!

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