June News…..

Our 20th Year!
I never could have imagined that when I started this business at the ripe old age of 23 I would be sitting in the same 1960’s metal desk in the same building virtually doing the same thing. Sure times of changed, peoples needs and wants have changed, etc but I still get up every morning head down to Malden Square and give it my all. What started off as a small business has grown over the years and I continue to look for ways to keep it going. Finding a new range of toy soldiers, a new paint line or a new gaming company. Whatever it is we will work to get it for you. We strive to always offer the best products we can. There were a few rough years back in the early days and there were some great years too. The Fall of 2008 was tough and it picked up again until 2012 when I experienced another dip. The last few years have been good and strange at times with up and down buying.  
Some companies and brands I have been working with for 20 Years and we have built up strong relationships.  Many of you customers have been buying for 20 years and we appreciate that. Some of you, myself and my staff have become buddies over the years. I even attended a few weddings. We get new customers on a weekly basis and loose them as well. Sadly a lot of our pals have passed away or moved, etc. over the years. Some of you come in and out of the hobby and that’s cool because we will always be here on your return.
Please follow our emails, Facebook and direct mail as we will be running deals,open houses, sales, etc throughout the coming months.  
Thank you to all who have made it a great 20 years.
The show season is a wrap. I just finish my last show in Virginia. The next real road trip won’t be until Historicon in mid-July. I was able to squeeze the London Toy Soldier show in this Summer. I will make the trip across the pond  fo rthe June 30th Show. If you want me to bring anything over to you to purchase let me know asap.
SALE items….
We just updated our Super Sale section!
Come join us soon for the  FREE RPG DAY!
Saturday June 16th
LINK to some of the free stuff you can get…
Here are some of the free choices!
In Store Gaming Events
Upcoming Events we plan on attending:

**If you want us to bring anything to the show for pick up call or email**

JUNE 30th The London Toy Soldier Show.
I am crossing the pond for this one.
I have not attended since 1992 when I was 17!
I may be shipping some product over. If you want to pick up anything at the show let me know.

New Expeditionary Force

French Napoleonic’s Now in stock!
Command & Artillery
The Link: NEW
New June Releases just announced!

Now in stock


Just received… New Arrivals!

Wow we just got a shipment of 12 new W.Britains in!
Many of you know that they changed hands a couple of years and have been slow with their releases. This is great news.
5 Nassau Figures, Santa Anna and Travis and 5 ACW sets.
Below is a quick group shot of the Nassau Regiment.
New John Jenkins Designs!
This  BATTLE OF SARATOGA 1777, ASSAULT ON THE BREYMANN REDOUBT, 7th October 1777 looks to be a good one!
The figures are a little thinner than some of the other sets and could be mixed in well with W.Britains AWI figures.
Here are some of the other June Releases….
Republican Romans
Some WWI Sets..