Late May 2018


Thu, May 31, 2018 1:39 pm

Here is some quick news.

Well that’s a wrap on May. Tomorrow is June 1st and I am wrapping up my show season with a long ride to Virginia this weekend. Stop by the show for some great new products and to check out our bargain section. The Texas show was a blast. I think it hit 100 degrees but that didn’t keep the collectors away. It was one of my best shows and I want to thank all of you that made my trip worth while.  See below for some pictures.
The last of the King and Country releases along with the JJD May releases just arrived. We also just received 12 new items from W.Britains. Yup, you heard that right…W.Britains! See below for more info!
Come join us soon for the  FREE RPG DAY!
Saturday June 16th
LINK to some of the free stuff you can get…
Here are some of the free choices!
In Store Gaming Events
May 31st 7:00 PM         500 points Silver Age
Upcoming Events we plan on attending:

**If you want us to bring anything to the show for pick up call or email**

June 2nd Northern Virginia Toy Soldier Show 
Annandale VFD Community Center
7128 Columbia PikeAnnandale, VA  22003
JUNE 30th The London Toy Soldier Show.
I am crossing the pond for this one.
I have not attended since 1992 when I was 17!
I may be shipping some product over. If you want to pick up anything at the show let me know.

New Expeditionary Force

French Napoleonic’s Now in stock!
Command & Artillery
The Link: NEW
New May Releases all in stock!

New Thomas Gunn arriving soon!
This month brings us Monty, WWI Aussies, The first sets of Egyptians and Roman Artillery!
LINK: Future

Just received… New Arrivals!

Wow we just got a shipment of 12 new W.Britains in!
Many of you know that they changed hands a couple of years and have been slow with their releases. This is great news.
5 Nassau Figures, Santa Anna and Travis and 5 ACW sets.

New First Legion now available to order! LINK: NEW

Texas Show Pictures
Our friend Wayne from AL has posted dozens on our forum and we have a bunch more on our Facebook Page. My friend Katy seen below survived her first show!

May News

Here is some quick news.

Wow we are almost halfway in May already. We are back from the MFCA show and figuring out our next move. The show was better attended from last year which is a good sign. Overall we had a successful show until the ride home. We were just about out of New York when my rear tire blew out. We were unable to change it and a tow guy had to grind it off, 2 hours later we were back on the road. As I proceeded home the spare wasn’t happy. I checked it twice but in the end the end the tire was not put on right. A half mile from my house at 2:15AM my tire fell off (yup can’t make this stuff up). I was able to get it all towed and got to bed at 4AM. Really it was a bit of bad luck mixed with good luck. It could have been a lot worse. Between the tows and repairs I was only out about $500.00 without any major scares or damage.

The amount of new product announcements, incoming shipments and trying to keep it all in stock has been crazy this Spring. We have several shipments due in tomorrow and the store will be packed with new games, models and supplies!
Next week we wil be packing up from HUZZAH. I may only be there Friday and Saturday, both my boys havd baseball games on the Sunday.

Upcoming Events we plan on attending:

**If you want us to bring anything to the show for pick up call or email**

May 4th and 5th MFCA Show is in the books.
Below is a few pictures. Check our Facebook for more! And that’s my blowout I got on the way home.
May 18-20th HUZZAH Gaming Show in portland ME

May 26th and 27th Texas Toy Soldier Show San Antonio, TX

June 2nd No. Virginia Toy Soldier Show Annandale, VA

New May Releases  – Now available to order/pre-order
Wow some really cool releases. Available in a couple of days is from the  LAH series are the BDM Girls, Hitler and Eva Braun. Later in the month A cool D-Day set and the then the Battle of Hue 1968. Pre-order now and don’t miss out. I expect the Vietnam figures to sell fast.

Now in stock 1/72 Scale sets

New Releases:
8159 WWI French Artillery Crew
8162 WW2 French Artillery Crew
8283 Sassanid Light Cavalry
8285 Sassanid Clibanarii
8290 WWI Belgian Infantry
8291 WWI Belgian Heavy Weapons
8309 Prussian Landwehr Marching
8310 Prussian Landwehr Action
8316 Unmarried Zulu warriors

the popular 8098 British sailors and marines so we have discontinued and was split into two sets:
8311  Nap. Naval Cannon and Crew
8325 British Marines and Fighting Sailors – Already out of stock

28mm Hard Plastic Sets 

28027 Nap. British Light Dragoons
28028 Nap. British Heavy Dragoons
Below are some painted examples from set 8290

New Thomas Gunn Just arrived!

There are 4 new figures this month and a few versions of each now available!
New from History Works!

All new 28mm Figures

New 58mm Figures

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