October News

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The quick news!
What is happening?
We are just back from the Chicago Toy Soldier Show. We are going to give you a few quick things now and hopefully follow up with some more product information in the coming days. Overall the show was fantastic. It is so much work and so much fun. I was able to meet so many collectors and I also found it hard at times to talk to everyone.   
A few things of note that we brought back. Two TSSD Vietnam Playsets, some TSSD foam,  LOD Set 3, The Trojan Horse, Ancient Warship and Figarti Tanks. We also received the ExForce French Napoleonic’s and figures from Engineer Basevich along with some other unique Russian made sets.  
We have brought back a a handful of the below Figarti Panther G Show Limited Editions. These are some of the best painted tanks we have seen. Grab them quick, less than 30 were imported into the USA! The Panther II will be the next release followed by the King Tiger. 
ETG-021 Winter and ETG-028 Summer Camo LINK: Panthers!
Just arrived…….
Engineer Basevich Plastic Toy Soldiers
We just received 14 sets Made in Russia from Ancient Assyrians to 20th Century Russian
Check them out here Link: Basevich
King and Country
The First set of 4 # DD305 is available in a week! Link: DD305

The second set should be out next month!

Also the new USMC’s came and went with more coming in Monday
Order here: USMC
More poses due next month.
New Paragon Scenics Alamo sets now in stock!
Alamo Defenders and Mexican Attackers in 2 colors!

Link: new Alamo

LOD ENTERPRISES —-Troy Set 3 Now in Stock!