Late August News

Labor Day is quickly approaching and we hope you have enjoyed the Summer and are looking forward to football season, back to school and the Chicago Toy Soldier show. Of course before all this happens we are excited about hosting our 7th Annual Historical Games Day this Saturday August 27th. We would like to again thank Richard Claydon of Boston Trained Bands wargame group for organizing the game schedule and game masters putting on the games.

We just picked up over 100 models. They have been sorted priced and are out on the floor for sale. We also just picked up another load from an estate sale. It is dozens and dozens of wargame figure packs, terrain, buildings, books and more. Come down and dig through the catacombs at Hobby Bunker you never no what you’ll find!

 John Jenkins Designs September Releases have just been announced. The King and Country WWII Japanese and Greeks have arrived and sold well! We already placed a restock order. . In plastic soldiers we just received the Expeditionary Force Zulus and British figures. We will hopefully have more news about the upcoming Vietnam release from Toy Soldiers of San Diego in the next couple of weeks.
    This month in Metal Toy Soldier Announcements….
KING AND COUNTRY COLLECTION – We just picked up dozens and dozens of items. We have begun to list them and we will be adding more so keep checking.
Here is the link: K&C
We just added BBA and BBG’s. 
Most of them there is only one of and we are at or below ebay selling prices.
SALE – We are closing out our YZ Caesar connoisseur figure line
30% Off all in stock items! Link: YZ Seil
        Stock is selling fast!

John Jenkins Designs – September Releases announced:
King & Country – June Releases announced.. Some in and some on the way!
The Collector’s Showcase –  New  Releases In stock  LINK: TCS
Thomas Gunn Miniatures – New releases in stock: TGUNN
First Legion Ltd – Upcoming Releases: NEW FL
W. Britain –  W.Britain’s 2016 have been announced. Now ready to pre-order LINK:W.britains
Store Events:
Guildball and Warmachine/Hordes 
Open gaming every Saturday
Dicemasters: September 24 at 1pm. We’ll be playing for the Ms. Marvel OP event cards. More importantly we’ll be drafting the new DC Green Arrow/Flash Dice Masters set
Warhammer 40k 
Come and join the Evil Dice 40k Gaming group every Sunday from 12-5PM for opening gaming.



Magic: The Gathering CCG  
Gaming Commander every Thursday
FNM every Friday playing Modern.
 August 26th FNM Conspiracy Draft –  Take the Crown! 6PM
Boston Trained Bands       

The 7th Annual Hobby Bunker Games Day is Scheduled for Saturday August 27th.
We have 6 games scheduled for 10AM that can accommodate over 40 people.
We have 4 games scheduled for the 3PM time slot that can accommodate about 25 people
The Battle of Stamford Bridge scheduled for 7PM.

Here is link of events on our Facebook Page: Games Day events
or Here: Events

We will most likely have some Bolt Action and Possibly Team Yankee Demos and games as well.

A few toy soldier updates in detail……


Wow The guys at W.Britains have just announced a few dozen great pieces……Below is a sampling of what is to come. 48 items in all!
LINK to products: W.BRITAINS!
Viking and Saxons
World War Two
American Civil War

Napoleonic Wars

American Revolution

New Museum Pieces

and of course the 88mm Gun
Coming soon September release :

Expeditionary Force – 1879 Zulu Warriors and 3 sets of British Now in stock!

And 3 more Zulu Sets are due in a week or two!

The Next Trojan war set has been announced
Greek and Trojan Chariots! Pre-order Link: Chariots


August News from the Bunker

New K&C Long Range Desert Group! Our featured item this week. Link: LDRG
Well I had a nice vacation and now I’m back to the daily grind. There is a bunch of things happening this month. We have Boston Comiccon August 12-14, 2 FNM Magic the Gathering events (Aug 19 a popper event and the 26th a Conspiracy event) and on August 27th we have our Annual Historical Games Day event mini-convention held right here at the Bunker.
We have picked up a few model kit collections this week along with a plastic toy soldier collection, 100’s of loose Warhammer 40K figures (some painted) and a big restock of Gundam Model kits.
August 4, 2016 or August 4, 1944??
Another great diorama put together by Duke a member of our Forum. A First Legion Ltd. Building, A Collectors Showcase Panther and US Infantry made by King and Country.
GAMING NEWS – Now in stock
    This month in Metal Toy Soldier Announcements….
John Jenkins Designs – August Releases announced: JJD
King & Country – August Releases Link: K&C
The Collector’s Showcase –  Now in stock! LINK: TCS
Thomas Gunn Miniatures – July Releases announced: TGUNN
First Legion Ltd – New July Releases Now in stock! FL
W. Britain –  W.Britain’s 2016 have been announced. We have not got on the site yet. Waiting for more information.
Store Events:
Guildball and Warmachine/Hordes
Open gaming every Saturday
Aug 4th 7PM Marvel HeroCix: Civil War Storyline OP- Month 3
Aug 6th 1PM Dicemasters Battle of the IP’s
Warhammer 40k 
Come and join the Evil Dice 40k Gaming group every Sunday from 12-5PM for opening gaming.



Magic: The Gathering CCG  
Gaming Commander every Thursday
FNM every Friday playing Modern.

August 19th at 6PM Popper Event

August 26th at 6PM…. travel back to Fiora for a drafting conspiracy event like no other!
Boston Trained Bands       

The 7th Annual Hobby Bunker Games Day is Scheduled for Saturday August 27th.

A few toy soldier updates in detail……


Coming soon……
August Releases…..Pre-order Now! LINK: K&C
New Early War Japanese, Captured Troops at Arnhem, Robin Hood & Merry Men, Long Range Desert Group, WWII US Navy and more Bronze statues.

Thomas Gunn Miniatures New July Releases…coming soon….
Many of you know we are in possession of dozens of Marx and MPC molds and have been re-issuing them for years. At this time many of the molds will be run for perhaps just one last time. Getting these items molded locally has been difficult this past year or so. The small companies get bought up or disappear. Some molds may get scrapped and other items will have a price increase. Some molds may be sold. At this point we are unsure of the future of the reissue business!
If you had your eye on some of these items get them now before they disappear or prices increase. A few items such as the Landing Craft and Wrought Iron fence just came back into stock. We will be sorting and bagging a few more this summer. Some molds have been scrapped some items we have just dozens left on hand.

Here are a couple New items…

A new Version of the MPC WWII Playset and a Marx Missle Set as well as some Payton Military Trucks
Expeditionary Force – 2 sets of 1879 Zulu Warriors and 
3 sets British Infantry coming soon! 

NEW Paragon Scenics American Civil War Set #2 Firing Line. LINK: ACW
Available in both Blue and Grey.. Each set gives you 2 swoppable head options!