Figarti Miniatures Last call!

Low stock report for Figarti Miniatures

2 x EFR-006 Russian B4 Howitzer

1x x ETA-016 US Fuel truck

3 x ETG-085 Wittman Tiger

4 x ETG-097 Winter Tiger

2 x 8th-004

3 x D9022 Wall and gate

On my

-Rare & Retired Section

1 x RMA-001 US M7 Priest

1 x ETG-016 German Quad gun

and several other one of’s

Also low (5-8 each)

ETG-064 Carrier

ETA-032 British Churchill

Dak-006 Desert Stuka

ETG-065 and ETG-072 German Artillery


Sold Out EFR-015 Russian MG


probably more but that is the quick list

New Collectors Showcase Due in May 2015


TCS00853 Continental Officer  $36.90
TCS00854 Continental Flagbearer $39.90
TCS00855 Continental Drummer  $36.90
TCS00856 Continental Shooting Kneeling  $36.90
TCS00857 Continental Re-Loading  $36.90
TCS00858 Continental Parry  $36.90
TCS00859 Continental Advancing $36.90
TCS00860 Continental Shooting  $36.90
TCS00842 Rev War Royal Arillery Swabber/Ignitor  $69.90
TCS00843 Rev War Royal Arillery Ammo Holder/Mover  $69.90
TCS00844 Rev War Royal Artillery 6 pounder  $65.90
TCS00845 2nd Wisconsin Officer  $36.90
TCS00846 2nd Wisconsin Flagbearer  $39.90
TCS00847 2nd Wisconsin Shooting  $36.90
TCS00848 2nd Wisconsin Shooting Kneeling  $36.90
TCS00849 2nd Wisconsin Re-Loading  $36.90
TCS00850 2nd Wisconsin Parry  $36.90
TCS00851 2nd Wisconsin Advancing  $36.90
TCS00852 2nd Wisconsin Shot  $36.90
TCS00878 Horch Grey 2 figs  $165.90
TCS00879 Horch Normandy 2 figs  $165.90
TCS60005 101st Airborne Statue June 6th $165.90
TCS60003 Fallschirmjager June 6th  $97.26 $169.90
TCS6MEDIUM Medium Case For 1/6th$49.00

John Jenkins New Club Figure

Pre-order your club Figure Today!
John Jenkins Designs….
French Ltn. Col. Étienne-Guillaume de Senezergues, Regiment de La Sarre


Early April News


 Welcome to April. We hope those of you who celebrate have a Happy Easter this weekend. The snow is still about 18″ deep in spots in my backyard and I can see most of my front yard hopefully the flowers will eventually find their way. We have just finish our whirlwind tour of shows for March. We wrapped up the month with a trip to HAVOC (Shrewsbury, MA) and Wings and Wheels (Chicopee, MA) and now we are gearing up for our local toy soldier show (thankfully the only one of the month). But May is shaping up to be show packed. We have the MFCA show the first weekend, then Huzzah in ME, followed by the Texas Show and then finishing up in VA on 5/30.  Fun fun!
This week we have got a lot of new toy soldier announcements (King and Country, JJD), a restock and a collection of Gundam Models, new Magic the Gathering Dragons of Tarkir, Star Trek Attack Wing, Age of Ultron Clix, 40K releases, Board games and more. See below for more details.

Here is another great diorama by Alex Credidio.A Figarti Tiger Tank & building with First Legion Ltd. Fallshirmjaegers.

  Just around the corner!

This month in Metal Toy Soldier Announcements….


John Jenkins Designs –  March releases  have arrived. See below for April releases.

The Collector’s Showcase – Sneak Peek new Continental Infantry due in late April.

Thomas Gunn Miniatures – New March/April releases just arrived. New Tommy Gunn!

First Legion Ltd – US 4th Infantry Division (see pic. below) and Zulus on the horizon.
W.Britain – New W. Britain’s just in. See Below.
King and Country –April releases just announced. See below for link.  

Figarti Miniatures – We have a couple EFR-23 (KV1) and a few EFR-010 (IL-2M) on hand now. We will have more along with ETG-101 Panther Tank in a couple of months. You can Order or Pre-order at any time.

Plastic Soldiers

Classic Toy Soldiers – New Chinese Infantry from the Korean War now in stock!

Expeditionary Force  –  World War II and Napoleonic sets in the works.

SELL TOY Co. – Finally the new Jagdpanther is in stock and shipping!


Store Events:
April Events: LINK

Opening gaming this Saturday
Just in….

and the latest Wave of…..

Warhammer 40k 
Come and join the Evil Dice 40k Gaming group every Sunday from 12-5PM for opening gaming.

Magic: The Gathering CCG 
Open gaming and Booster drafts ever Thursday night.
Now in stock…  


Boston Trained Bands     
Saturday April 4th 10AM-2PM Bolt Action 28mm WWII
A few toy soldier updates in detail…… 


New W. Britain’s Just in….


13014 US Navy Pilot, 1941-45–single figure 34.00
13015 US Marine, Drill Instructor–single figure 34.00
20160 British 24th Foot Casualty No.2–single figure 34.00
20161 British 24th Foot with Foot on Biscuit Box–single figure 34.00
23092 1916-18 German Infantryman Approaching with Caution–single figure 34.00
23093 1916-18 German Infantry Marching No.1–single figure 34.00
23094 1916-18 German Infantry Standing No.1–single figure 34.00
23095 1916-18 German Medic Carrying Wounded Soldier 68.00
25028 USAAF Bomber Pilot Standing with Cigarette–single figure 34.00
51022 Fall 18th/19th Century Corn with Squash–17 piece set 52.00


GWB-16 G.S. WAGON Us$118
GWB-17 Horses For GS Wagon Us$88
GWB-17A Wagon Driver Us$32
GWB-36 Howitzer Accessories Us$78
GWB-25 “Lending A Hand” Us$78
GWF-31 “Casualties Of War” Us$72
GLA-06W ANZAC’s Charging Us$79
GLA-06B ANZAC’s Charging Us$79
BGC-22 Mechanic and Oil Cart Us$58
COND-07 Sentry Us$35
QBLG-03A 45th Fifer Us$41
QBLG-03B 22nd Fifer Us$41
QBLG-03C 40th Fifer Us$41
QBLG-03D Fifers Us$108

Some samples of what is to come……



 A peek at the upcoming April Releases…The LinkNEW K&C
New sets include a beautiful German Wehrmacht Band, Marching and Standing riflemen, German Mortar team, tank crews and new Additions to the Crusader Range and a WWI British MP Set.

Coming Soon…

Classic Toy Soldiers – Now in stock
Korean War Chinese

German Jagdpanzer L70V Tank Destroyer (Dark Green) is now in stock and shipping!

That’s it for now Happy Easter!