Happy New Year!

We want to wish everyone a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!  Thank you for all your support throughout the year. Without you we wouldn’t be here and without us where would you get your hobby fix!
The Store will be open 12-6PM on January 1st


Merry Christmas!


We just want to wish everyone  a Merry Christmas! We hope your day is filled with family, fun and laughter!

Enjoy your day and thank you for your patronage throughout the year.



Still time for Christmas delivery! and the latest News!

     Still time for Christmas Delivery! Did you place your order with Hobby Bunker yet? Get your orders in as soon as you can we start to run out of stock and won’t have time to re-stock any of the hard to get items from our “cottage industry” vendors. When checking out if you need the item for “Christmas” please let us know in the “remarks” section on the checkout or let us know over the phone. If not for Christmas please say so as well.

We have plenty of great items and new stock coming in daily. The store will be open everyday this month except the 25th.   Can’t decide? Call and ask for Matt for last second ideas!
   We will have extended Holiday Store Hours.

Thursday 12/18 10AM-9PM, Friday 12/19 10AM-7PM, Saturday 12/20 9AM-6PM, Sunday 12/21 12-5PM, Monday 12/22 10AM-7PM, 12/23 Tuesday 10AM-7PM, Wednesday 12/24 10AM-4PM, Closed 12/25

Christmas Delivery Schedule

ORDER BY DEC. 17th  by 2PM eastern time and pay just our regular shipping charges

And be assured of Christmas delivery of in-stock-items. After the 17th additional

shipping charges may apply (depending on your area)

ORDER BY DEC. 20th pay for UPS 2nd Day Air or Express Mail

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LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS Keep in Mind if you are in the

Northeast or New England we can except ground orders on the 21st

but we cannot guarantee delivery.

   Just Added to dozens of items to our sale sections:

1. Orion and Valiant Miniatures, Red Box, Lucky Toy and Strelets 1/72 Scale Boxed sets.

2. Thomas Gunn and Collector’s Showcase to “SALE” and -Super Sale Sections
4. W.Britain’s marked some current and retired items to sale section (ACW, Napoleonic, Sudan and more)!

4. SALE ITEMS in 1/32 Scale plastic – Imex Model Co., Accurate, Forces of Valor, Armies in Plastic! Also now
5. Figarti Miniatures – Just marked some on -Super Sale and Regular Sale

This month in Metal Toy Soldier Announcements….


John Jenkins Designs –  December Releases announced.

The Collector’s Showcase – Napoleonic Cuirassiers, American Rev. British Grenadiers and Waffen SS Germans just arrived….

Thomas Gunn Miniatures – December Releases announced. GUNN! Sorry the US Ranger’s were in short supply and have been sold out of pre-order.

First Legion Ltd – Just added for Pre-order the New US Sherman Tank, 7 Years War Prussian Cuirassiers and a new Confederate Flagbearer.
W.Britain – We just received many of the new Zulu War and WWI releases along with a restock.
Now in….CHRISTMAS TRUCE 1914 Sets.  Set 23086 and 23088

Also NEW W.Britain just in today..

King and Country – December Releases Announced.

We also just aquired a nice collection of about 30 early World War II sets (stay tuned, they probably won’t be up for sale until next week on the Rare & Retired section.

Plastic Soldiers

Barzso Playsets – We have a few hundred loose figures available as well as the Roman Civilians(loose).

Expeditionary Force  –  The new Medieval Sets have been announced.

SELL TOYS – 4 New Sets of 1/32 Scale Figures now in stock.

Gaming Events

Store Events:


Open Gaming this Saturday
Saturday Dec. 20th – 50 Point Tourney

Warhammer 40k 
Come and join the Evil Dice 40k Gaming group every Sunday from 12-5PM for opening gaming.
Come in Sunday and pitch in for ‘Terrain Repair Day”

 12/4/14 7:00PM War of the Light Month 6

12/6/14 Star Trek Attack Wing: Protect the Alpha Quadrant Scenario
(from USS Defiant expansion)–11:00a

Magic: The Gathering CCG 
 Open gaming and Booster drafts ever Thursday night.  We have also added a bunch of singles from the latest release to our binder.


Boston Trained Bands  

 Saturday 12/6/14  – Bolt Action WWII 28mm–10:00AM – 2:00PM
Saturday 12/6/14    – DBA 15mm Ancients–10:00AM – 2:00PM

Early December News

Greetings & Welcome to December!
I hope this email finds you happy and warm, and not too stressed about the holidays.
Wow, this year has flown by and the new year is just around the corner. Fortunately, we have plenty of great items and new stock coming in daily. The store will be open everyday this month except the 25th.
We have made a  few website upgrades that may be useful. We have added a “pre-order” button on all future releases so you can quickly reserve an item without doing a full check out. We will email you when the item is ready to order. We have also changed the product arrangement to have more items show per page as well as be in Z-A order so the newer items will be on top of the pages. There are a few other minor things as well such as company logos showing under manufacturers and our color logo being placed on the online invoice. We have also added more links to the email per a customer request. Speak and you shall be heard!.
    Special Notes:
1.We will not be attending the Toy Soldier Show in VA this weekend.
2. The Collection of Glossy Figures recently acquired have now all been listed on our website or on ebay under our seller name: mhobbunker. The Odd bits are on display in the store.

3. We will be displaying at the NorthEast Comic & Toy con in Wilmington, MA this weekend
4. SALE ITEMS” We just put dozens of  items from Imex Model Co., Accurate, Red Box (1/72), W. Britains, Forces of Valor, Thomas Gunn and more on sale!

King and Country December 2014 Dispatches


..What’s in store for you this month…?


  1. 1.      APPEARING IN DECEMBER…and I hope just in time for Christmas!
  2. A.     “The World of Dickens”

Eight brand-new, add-ons to what I believe will be a very collectible series for the ladies, families or indeed anyone with an interest in the novels of Charles Dickens and life in mid-Victorian London…

 WoD005            “Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim”

Mr. Scrooge’s humble clerk from “A Christmas Carol” together with his crippled young son, “Tiny Tim”…Poor but happy.

 WoD007           “Miss Lucy”      A fashionable young lady and popular with the gentlemen.

 WoD008           “Mrs. Brown”    With her fur-lined coat and muff this married lady can well withstand a cold English midwinter.,

WoD009           “Miss Greene”    Another of the capitol’s beauties and, like her name, likes to wear the appropriate colour.

WoD012           “George The Grocer”     Before supermarkets and convenience stores there was the local grocer who would not only sell you fine produce…he would even personally deliver it!

 WoD013           “Mr. Chuckster”  Another memorable Dickens’ character from “The Old Curiosity Shop”.

WoD014           “Dick Swiveller”  One more genial personage from “The Old Curiosity Shop” and fond of the ladies…

WoD018           “The Christmas Corner Fountain”      A reinvisioning of an old favorite complete with a light frosting of snow and…three little “Robin Redbreasts” resting on the lip of the fountain.

AVAILABLE:      Early December

  1. B.      “Back to the Trenches!”

From the colour and jollity of mid Victorian London to the mud and blood of the Western Front in 1916…

                 FW171             “Crouching Wounded”

A kneeling British corporal, his arm wound already “dressed” waits for transport out of the line.

FW172              “A Nice Cup of Tea, Mate!”

Another British casualty lies on his stretcher for transport back to a base hospital…In the meantime a Medical Orderly offers him a drink of tea.

FW174              “The Royal Hospital Visit”

The bearded King George V, in the uniform of a Field Marshal, pays a visit to one of the Military Hospital in Flanders. He is greeted by one of the Ward Sisters.

FW179              “Lieut. General Sir William Birdwood”

Birdwood commanded the 1st. Anzac Corps made up of both Australian and New Zealand troops in France during this time. A highly experienced professional soldier he was well-liked by his Aussie and Kiwi soldiers, both officers and rank & file. After being presented with an Australian slouch hat he continued to wear it through the war as a mark of respect and affection for his men

FW180-V          “Australian at Attention” (Victoria)

This smart-looking Aussie at attention (and in the “shoulder arms” position) has the red and white patch of the 8th. Infantry Btn. from the State of Victoria.

FW180-Q          “Australian at Attention (Queensland)

As above but with the black and blue patch of the 9th. Infantry Btn. from the State of Queensland.

FW180-NSW    “Australian at Attention (New South Wales)

Like the previous two but with the black and green patch of the 1st.Infantry Btn. from New South Wales…mostly Sydney.

FW181-V          “Australian Marching”(Victoria)

                                 Stepping out smartly with rifle on shoulder. This soldier belongs to the Victorian 8th. Infantry Btn.

FW181-Q          “Australian Marching”(Queensland)

                                 As above but with the Queensland 9th.Infantry shoulder patch.

FW181-NSW    “Australian Marching”(New South Wales)

                                 Like previous two…only from New South Wales and the 1st.Infantry

FW182              “New Zealander Stand-at-Ease”

                                 Lee Enfield rifle by his side and wearing the famous “Kiwi” lemon-squeezer shaped hat this soldier is immediately recognizable as a proud New Zealander.

FW183              “New Zealander Presenting Arms”

                                 Not all Kiwis wore the “lemon-squeezer” hat…Some units were issued with the Aussie-style “slouch-hat”. However their coloured striped hat head bands (“puggrees”) easily identified them as “Kiwis”.

FW184-V          “Hitching A Ride” (Victoria)

                                 An Aussie medic helps a wounded “Tommy” get back to the casualty clearing station. His shoulder patch identifies him as a Victorian from the 8th.Infantry Btn.

FW184-Q          “Hitching A Ride” (Queensland)

                                 The 9th.Infantry Btn. version.

FW184-NSW    “Hitching A Ride” (New South Wales)

                                 The 1st.Infantry Btn.medic from New South Wales.                           

AVAILABLE:      Mid-December

  1. C.      “For King & Country”

Still in Europe but we’ve moved off the continent and into the England of the 17th. Century and…The English Civil War…

Our first “Pike & Musket” release featured Parliament’s soldiers under the command of Oliver Cromwell.

Now it’s time to produce at least the first of their opponents…from the Royalist Army of King Charles I.

PnM002B         “Crouching Pikeman” (Royalist)

This Pikeman wears the typical blue coat of his Royalist Regiment and a different style of steel helmet from his Parliamentary opposite number.

PnM003B         “Present Pikeman” (Royalist)

Holding his long wooden pike horizontally, this blue-coated warrior awaits battle.

PnM004B         “Vertical Pikeman” (Royalist)

PnM005B         “Advancing Pikeman” (Royalist)

PnM006B         “Standing Pikeman” (Royalist)                         

PnM-S05          “Crouching and Presenting Pikemen” (Royalist)

                                 A terrific value, 2 x figure set.

PnM-S06          “Vertical and Advancing Pikemen” (Royalist)

                                 Another great value, 2 x figure set.

PnM-S07          “Two Standing Pikemen” (Royalist)

                                 Another great value 2 x figure set.

PnM014           “English Civil War Cannon”

                                 Artillery really began to make its presence felt on the battlefield at this time…and this is one of the heavier pieces.

                                 This particular gun can be used by either Parliamentary or Royalist forces.

PnM015           “Parliamentary Gunners” Set A

                                 2 x Artillery men to “man” your gun.

PnM016           “Parliamentary Gunners” Set B

                                 Another 2 x Gunners at work.

PnM017           “Parliamentary Gun Commander”

                                 Sword in hand and bellowing out orders!

PnM018           “Parliamentary Artillery Officer”

                                 A fine figure of a trained Artillery Officer observing through his telescope ”The fall of shot”.

PnM019           “Standing Musketeer”

                                 One more red-coated Parliamentary Musketeer.

PnM020           “King Charles I

                                 The King himself…a brave man but unduly influenced by his Queen…He set himself on a collision course with Parliament…He was to lose his crown, his country and eventually…his head.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Royalist Cannon and Gunners will be available later in an upcoming release.

AVAILABLE:      Mid-December

  1. D.     “TORA! TORA! TORA!

From England’s green and pleasant land and bubbling bucolic streams and rivers to…The pure blue skies and waters of the Pacific…and the Hawaiian Islands on the morning of December 7, 1941!

JN001               “The A6M Mitsubishi ZERO (1JNS “Akagi” version)

K&C’s first major release of a Japanese fighter aircraft and an iconic one at that!

At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese Navy “ZERO” was, without doubt, the finest carrier-borne aircraft in the world. Fast, light and packing a punch from 2 x machine guns plus 2 x cannon it literally flew rings around its opponents.

Our first “ZERO” is in the markings of Lt.Saburo Shindo flying off the Imperial Japanese Navy carrier “Akagi”…It was him who announced “Tora! Tora! Tora!” over Pearl Harbor to signal the surprise attack.

This K&C aircraft includes a figure of Shindo in the cockpit of his aircraft “saluting” as he prepares to fly off the carrier on his historic mission.

JN002               “Flight Deck Crew”     Two kneeling crewmen with aircraft “chocks” ready to pull them away before the aircraft takes off.

JN003               “Imperial Japanese Navy Bugler”

JN004               “Flight Deck Flag Man”

                                 Japanese flight deck crews used small coloured flags to indicate positioning of aircraft on the deck and “readiness to start engines and take off”.

JN005               “Imperial Naval Pilot w/Parachute”

JN006               “Imperial Naval Pilot w/Headband”

JN007               “Banzai!”

                                 Japanese sailor shouting “Banzai”…Long Live The Emperor!

JN008               “Admiral Yamamoto”

                                 A standing, saluting version of the “architect” of the Pearl Harbor attack. Here, he wears the “winter” version of the senior Naval officers’ uniform.

JN009               “The A6M Mitsubishi ZERO” (1JNS “Hiryu” version)

                                 This second “Pearl Harbor” ZERO was piloted by a Petty Officer from the IJN carrier Hiryu and bears the blue stripes on the tail and fuselage. This model has NO pilot in the cockpit allowing collectors to select either JN005 or JN006 to accompany the aircraft.

AVAILABLE:      Mid-December

  1. E.      “Down on the Farm…”

For our final release this month we’ve got a really useful diorama piece that can look great in the English Countryside in the 17th. Century or on a Napoleonic battlefield in the 19th or even somewhere in Normandy in 1944!

SP064               “The New European Farm house”

A larger, more detailed and better proportioned update of an old favorite…Walls and a Courtyard Gate will be added later – a really useful piece!

AVAILABLE:      Mid-December

  1. 2.      BEING RETIRED

Just a few pieces but great value!

         NE019              Standing General w/Map

         NE020              Guide w/ Musket

         NE021              Inspecting The Mummy

         NE026              Smoke Break

         RAF031             Rocket Primers

         RAF032             The Rocket Handler

         RAF033             Sitting Airman

         RAF034             Airman Radio Operator