New Plastic Items!

OWN – Overall War Nation! (1/32 Scale)
A new firm out of China making highly detailed
Chinese themed soldiers. Includes plug in arms for more detail!
SET 1 – 16 in 8 Poses
OWNSET2 Japanese Soldiers-1894-1927; light-mid blue color 30.00
(First Sino Japanese war) -16 FIGURES IN 8 POSES
OWNSET3 Chinese Nationalist Army 1937-1942 (Grey) 16 in 8 poses 30.00
OWNSET4 Chinese Nationalist Army 1937-1942 (Grey) 14 in 7 Poses 28.00
Due in the end of the month.
SELLTOY Company 1/32 Scale)
SELL001T German Jagdpanzer L70V Tank Destroyer (Dark Green) 22.00
A great new sof plastic vehicle in 1/32 Scale – Due end of December 2014

Our latest Marx Item.

Marx 6 Piece Terrain Base – 2 feet x 3 feet long
Item Number: PL-DIO6

Price: $55.00


November stuff!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and the Holiday and Winter Season will be slamming
us soon. The amount of snow they got in the Buffalo/Erie Lake area this week is 
insane. We drive through that area every year (luckily in September) on the way 
to OTSN. In other news....we just got back from the LI, NY Historical Miniatures
 show this past weekend. The show was great success and we would like to thank all
that attended. I will post some pictures below. There was a large number of new 
families and kids due to A big article in the local newspaper helped to get a a 
bunch of new families and kids to the show. I sold a 7 year old his first toy soldiers
(3 Battle of the Bulge K&C figures). He was very happy and his uncle had me take
 a photo.
This month brings us a pile of great new releases from JJD, King and Country, Thomas
Gunn and some new plastics from a new company called SELL Toys (see below)
We will be closed Thanksgiving Day (11/27). we will be open on Black Friday regular
hours 10AM-6PM (we will not be having any 5AM door buster sales)!
New Collection of Glossy Figures recently acquired. We will have some out in the
 shop today, some being listed on ebay and some listed on our website. Here is a
 sneak peek.
coll1 coll2

John Jenkins Designs-  December Releases announced, November releases on the way.
The Collector's Showcase - Napoleonic Cuirassiers and Waffen SS Germans will be 
the Holiday Release.
Thomas Gunn Miniatures - November releases are now in stock.
W.Britain - We just received many of the new Zulu War and WWI releases along with
a restock.
King and Country - November releases on the way!

Store Events......
Open Gaming this Saturday
Warhammer 40k
Come and join the Evil Dice 40k Gaming group every Sunday from 12-5PM for opening
11/20/14  7:00PM Flash Marquee
12/4/14  7:00PM War of the Light Month 6
Magic: The Gathering CCG
Open gaming and Booster drafts ever Thursday night.  We have also added a bunch 
of singles from the latest release to our binder.
Boston Trained Bands
Battle of the Göhrde 1813 28mm Napoleonic Black  Powder Rules
10:00AM - 10:30AM, SAT, NOV 22, 2014
Hobby Bunker
Notes: The battle of the Göhrde was a battle of the War of the Sixth  Coalition 
on 18 September 1813 between Napoleonic and Coalition troops at Göhrde  in Germany.
The Napoleonic troops were defeated and withdrew to Hamburg. Please  bring 28mm 
Prussians,  Russians, British and King's German Legion and French. Large Table