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The August releases have just arrived. here is the link…

We have also just entered the September Releases..Here is a couple of the new ones.


Late August….

Hump day (for me anyways working Tue-Sat)! I was trying to get some news out last week for you guys but time is not on my side lately. We have a lot going on with sorting out and reviewing collections, getting ready for the Chicago show (we are working on a few foam models and dioramas) and getting end of year taxes done. We just picked up 20 or so 1/6 scale action figures, a pile of Star Wars collectibles and many other odds and ends yesterday.
All the merchandise from Comic Con has been put back in the store. It was a cool show to attend I believe they had over 35K people attend. We met hundreds of people that never heard of us so the long grueling hours were worth it. Here are a few pictures of our booth and a crowd shot. The case worked out great, it housed all of our vintage toys. Checking out the numerous people dressed up in costume was quite the experience. Next road trip will be the National Capital Show Sept. 13th.

This month in Metal Toy Soldier Announcements….

King and Country – August Releases are starting to trickle in.

First Legion Ltd  – World War I French just announced

Figarti Miniatures – Finally the Doolittle Planes (B-25’s) have arrived (see below).

John Jenkins Designs – August releases now in stock.

The Collector’s Showcase – see photos and link below

Thomas Gunn Miniatures – The latest shipment has arrived.

Plastic Soldiers – Two new sets from Toy Soldiers of San Diego have been announced.  Set #26 Mexican cavalry in Light Blue and Red and set #27 German Infantry.

August stuff!

Well the summer seems to be flying by. I had a much needed vacation last week and am back to the daily grind. This weekend we will be displaying and selling at Boston Comiccon. It will be our first time so not sure what to expect. I will give a report and share some pictures next week. We have a few in store gaming events coming up and our Annual Games Day is just around the corner.

We have added several Imperial Productions sets and some King and Country to our Rare and Retired section. we have begun sorting out some of the items from the auction and we have our eyes a few nice collections that may be coming our way. Including a couple hundred sets of glossy toy soldiers as well as dozens of 21st Century vehicles.


HeroClix -Super Hero’s

8/14. 7PM Worlds? Who needs Worlds? – 300pt Modern Age
8/21  7PM War of the Light Month Three 

Boston Trained Bands 
August 23rd is our Annual Historical Games Day, Save the date!
Magic The Gathering 
Magic: The Gathering M15 Game Day Standard Event. August 9th 1:00 P.M.