The week!

Well this week we sold out of the new 40K Rulebook, but we expect another pile tomorrow.

In plastic toy soldiers we received the Ancient Persians from Expeditionary Force.

As of last Friday all May King and Country Release are in.

We are also adding and updating new W. Britains, Thomas Gunn, and The Collector’s Showcase.

And We are attending:   Saturday, May 31, 2014
The Heart of the South Toy Soldier Show

9am – 3pm, Admission will be charged.
Annandale VFD Community Center
Annandale, VA. 20003


May Stuff!

Already Mid-May! We are in the middle of our last hectic month of shows. I am looking forward to catching up in June with an entire month of no shows (no packing, unpacking, sorting and driving)! I guess I will actually have some time to play with my own toys and paint some thinks I have been meaning to work on. Next up is Huzzah in S. Portland, ME this coming weekend. The MFCA show in Valley Forge was a nice surprise. The foot traffic seemed to be a little down but the buying (at least at my booth) was great. We took of a nice variety of newer items, regular stock and a bunch of odds and ends from collections. Thank you to all who attended. The models on display were fantastic, there were modellers and painters from all over the world.

This month in Metal Toy Soldier Announcements…. 

John Jenkins May Releases are due in shortly, we also just got the June release info and hope to have up on our website by Friday.    

All the King and Country May releases have been put up on our site and are starting to come in. Also there is a limited run on a Hong Kong Tram Car (made of Tin-plate) HK234 available for pre-order. The Collector’s Showcase have been showing some sneak peeks at new Berdan’s Sharpshooters and Confederate Cavalry.  Three new pieces from Figarti Miniatures are now available for pre-order. Thomas Gunn Miniatures have also just reported new items. We are in the process of getting them entered on the site.

      Plastic Soldiers – We have just added the Expeditionary Force Ancient Persians. Pre-order now, we expect the first shipment to go fast.


Check out what is on sale!

Many Thomas Gunn Miniature Sets

Barzso Playsets American Revolution Figure Sets

the First few sets from Paragon Scenics

April 30th news….

April is coming to an end and it looks like May will bring us many new releases as well as 3 great shows (MFCA, HUZZAH and the Texas Show). The NETSS Show was a success! Thank you to all of you who came out to support the show. Some of my favorite items  from April were the new WWI Marines by Thomas Gunn Miniature and the 28mm Continental Infantry released by Perry Miniatures.

This month in Metal Toy Soldier Announcements….John Jenkins May Releases have been added for pre-order. All the King and Country April releases are now available and stay tuned in another day or so for the May release announcement. .The new Clash of Empires Woodland Indian range along withe the first batch of Brunswickers from W.Britains have arrived and are selling great. The Collector’s Showcase releases are here including the massive Sturmtiger that comes in both Normandy and Winter colors. Our next newsletter will  contain 3 new pieces from Figarti Miniatures.

Plastic Soldiers – New A Call to Arms Series 35 British 95th Rifles and Expeditionary Force has just announced Ancient Persians.

Check out what is on sale!

Many Thomas Gunn Miniature Sets

Barzso Playsets American Revolution Figure Sets

the First few sets from Paragon Scenics

We have also added many sets to the – **Super Sale! Section


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