January News

January has been flying by and It’s almost time for the Super Bowl! With all the wacky weather we have had in the last couple of weeks we have been pleasantly surprised with all the foot traffic in the shop and for the continuous flurry of mail orders! This month brings us all sorts of new products and updates to our website. In Metal Toy Soldiers….All the January King and Country releases are now available and we have also had new product announcements from both  Thomas Gunn and John Jenkins Designs. As far as plastic toy soldiers, we have just added a Painted Plastic Soldiers section to our site. We have recently acquired 1000’s of painted soldiers and will get them up on our website as time permits. We are asking for about $2.50 per figure which is a great value. The Expeditionary Force Ancient Greeks that we received in the beginning of the month are doing quite well.
In the store we have all the new Warhammer 40K releases of the new Tyranid Army sets and we have also re-stocked a lot of the 28mm Historicals including Perry Miniatures and Rulebooks.

New Hat Industrie 1/72 scale sets now in stock!

sku product price
8192 Native Natal Contingent–1:72 scale plastic figures 9.00
8205 Sassanid Levy Infantry–1:72 scale plastic figures 9.00
8212 Carthaginian Veteran Spearmen–1:72 scale plastic figures 9.00
8267 Sassanid Light Infantry–1:72 scale plastic figures 9.00
8272 WWI British Cavalry–1:72 scale plastic figures 11.00
8273 WWI French Cavalry–1:72 scale plastic figures 11.00
8274 WWI Turkish Cavalry–1:72 scale plastic figures 11.00
8281 Seven Years War Prussian Infantry in Action–1:72 scale plastic figures 11.00
8282 Seven Years War Prussian Infantry Command–1:72 scale plastic figures 11.00

Snow storm??

Well the sun is making it’s way out, the snow has stopped and we are open for business. Actually we have been open since 10AM.
Where are you?????


If coming in please park in garage across the street, Malden has a snow emergency in effect