4th Annual Games Day report

We had a great turn out for the games day this past Saturday. Over 50 gamers took part in the games and pushed some troops and rolled the dice. Dozens of others stopped by to check out the action. We had 13 games being played over a 12 hour span and everyone who participated had a great time. A big thanks to Richard Claydon of Boston Trained Bands (our local club) for organizing the game schedule and making sure things ran smoothly. My job was the logistics, getting enough tables, space, food and beer!


We are all looking forward to the 5th Games Day already. I was lucky enough to get 3 games in myself and the store sales were of the charts (thanks guys)!

Preliminary Event List for 4th Annual Hobby Bunker Game Day August 24th 2013

Morning 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
1) Event Name: The Road to Bitapaka
Description:  September, 1914 – The British and Australians are not too happy about the German Pacific Squadron roaming the South Pacific. The solution – capture and destroy all the German wireless stations especially the brand new one on New Guinea (Kaiserwilhelmland). The Germans Reservists and their native forces are all that stand to defend the last wireless station from the Australian Naval and Military Force. Surely, Admiral von Spee will come to rescue them. 
GM:  Jim Carroll
Period: WWI
Rules:  Trench Wars
Players:  6
Table: 4,5
2) Event Name:  Somewhere in Spain 1810
Description: The Peninsular War was a military conflict between France and the allied powers of Spain the United Kingdom, and Portugal for control of the Iberian Peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars.
GM: Robert Walter
Period: Napoleonic
Rules: Carnage & Glory
Players: 4
Table: 3
3) Event Name: Battle of Mollwitz
Description: The Battle of Mollwitz was fought by Prussia and Austria on 10 April 1741, during the early stages of the War of the Austrian Succession.
GM: Mike Carlin
Period: Age of Reason
Rules: Home
Players: 9
Table: 2
4) Event Name: The Deluge
Description: The Lithuanian and Polish princes have marshaled their forces to oppose the Swedish invasion.  Come ride with the Polish Winged Hussars across the fields of glory, or stand against them with the well trained Swedish army.  This is a great opportunity to try out the popular new rules, By Fire and Sword, which recreate the period 1640-1680~ish.
GM: Chris Penny
Period:  Renaissance
Rules:  By Fire and Sword
Players: 7
Table: 6

5) Event Name:  Battle in the Deep South 1864
Description: Union troops have been disrupting supply lines in Northern Florida trying to put pressure on the Confederate Forces in Georgia particularly around those involved in the siege of Charleston. Reports have come in that there are some Yankees at an estate near Black Creek a tributary of the St. Johns River south west of Jacksonville.
GM:  William Zona
Period: American Civil War
Rules: Black Powder
Players:  5
Table:  5
6) Event Name: Pacific Ocean Theatre World War II
Description: US Marines battle through the islands of the Pacific against the Imperial Japanese Army.
GM: Kurt Burchfiel
Period:  WWII
Rules: Bolt Action
Players: 6
Table: 1

Afternoon 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

7) Event Name: The Case of the Black Pearl
Description: …a Mystery of the Orient adventure… Sought by many but attainable by few, the legendary Black Pearl, a flawless ebony pearl the size of a dogs head, is rumored to be found in a small village located in a bay too small to be of military value, located between an ancient temple and the mysterious skull island.

The Singe brothers, famous Singapore detectives have been sent to investigate these rumors. Legendary treasure hunter Alan Quatermain is searching for the black pearl, at the bequest of a mysterious benefactor. Famed archaeologist Carl Stein is hot on the trail of the black pearl. Heiress and prize gunfighter, Victoria Hawkes, his former fiancee has sworn to find it first. These and many other adventurers search for truth behind the black pearl!

Do you have what it takes to risk life and limb in search of great treasures, answers to life’s questions, fame, fortune, and glory??

If so, then welcome to the Mysteries of the Orient, a beginner to intermediate scenario, Case of the Black Pearl, is open to new and younger players as well as experienced players. CBP contains mystery and suspense with a race against time. With many possible endings and more than 1 winner possible anything can happen (and probably will)!

GM: Mike Paine Patrick Pierce
Period: 1920’s China
Rules: Home Crafted
Players: 9
Table: 2

8) Event Name: Guilford Courthouse
Description: Lord Cornwallis and General Greene square off for what could be the final battle to determine control of the south.  This game will feature a number of what if’s.  For example what if General Tarleton had won or even scored a draw a Cowpens?
GM: Chris Parker
Period: American Revolution
Rules: Battle Cry – Modified
Players: 6
Table: 3
9) Event Name: Battle of Flodden 1513
Description: The ambitious King Henry VIII was keen to secure England’s position on the Continental stage and led an army into France as part of the Holy League (an alliance with the Pope, Spain and Holy Roman Empire). This placed his brother –in –law James IV of Scotland in a difficult position being allied with both England and France. James IV sided with his old ally France and using the pretext of revenge for the murder of Robert Kerr, a Warden of the Scottish East March who had been killed by John “The Bastard” Heron led large army across the river Tweed at Coldstream. Queen Regent Catherine sent the veteran Earl of Surrey with an army from the northern levies to intercept the invasion. The Earl of Surrey out flanked James IV’s strong position of Flodden Edge and placed his army between the Scots and their homeland. James was forced to try and flight his way home. 500th Anniversary
GM: Richard Claydon
Period: Renaissance
Rules: Hail Caesar
Players: 9
Table: 4


10) Event Name: X-Wing
Description: Control the most advanced starfighters and outstanding pilots in the galaxy! In X-Wing Miniatures Game, you take the role of squad leader and command a group of merciless Imperial or daring Rebel pilots in furious ship-to-ship space combat.
GM: Maureen Reddington-Wilde
Period: Sifi
Rules: W-Wing
Players: 6
Table: 6
11) Event Name: Battle of Hagelberg, 1813
Description: French conscripts meet the Prussian Landwehr in this battle during the Leipzig campaign. The Prussians must drive the French from their positions on and around the Hagelberg. The French must hold their position. Shako 2 is a battalion level Napoleonic rule set. It’s fairly simple to learn and play yet still gives the feel of a Napoleonic battlefield. Beginners and experienced players are all welcome.
GM:  Stephen Umbrell and Peter Lowitt
Period: Napoleonic
Rules: Shako 2
Players: 6
Table: 5

12) Event Name:  The Great War 28mm
Description: Not so quite on the Western Front. Allies attempt to capture a section of trench line from the well dug in Huns.
GM:  William Zona
Period: WWI
Rules: Black Powder Modified
Players:  6
Table: 1


Evening 7:00pm – ?
13) Event Name: Battle of Mockern October 16, 1813
Description: The Battle of Mockern is the northern section of the first day of the battle of Leipzig (October 16, 1813) and was fought between the French Marmont’s VI Corps and the Blucher’s Russian/Prussian Army of Silesia.
GM: Chris Bergonzi
Period: Napoleonic
Rules: Black Powder
Players: 10
Table: 2
14) Event Name: Destroy the Bombers!
Description: Date: 8 June 1967, 0930 hours.
Location: Over Sinai, Egypt.
The Il-28 bombers were the sole weapons Egypt possessed that could strike the heart of Israel. When a flight of them were detected over the Sinai the Israeli Air Force vectored all available fighters to hunt down these valuable targets. But the Egyptians knew their value as well, and flights of MiGs stood by to guard them.
GM: Tom Ballou
Period: 6 Day War
Rules: Check Your Six! Jet Age
Players: 6
Table: 5,6
15) Event Name: Walking Dead Zombie Run
Description: Zombies what more do you need to know?
GM:  Steve White
Period: Modern
Rules: All Things Zombie
Players: 6
Table: 3

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