W.Britains 2013

The W.Britains 2013 catalogs are in. We have just added all the new releases for 2013 onto our website. Go ahead and get your pre-orders in, there are several Limited Edition sets due this year.

Just back from the West Coaster

I have just returned from CA. It was a great show as usual. Meeting with manufacturers and customers is always a great way to share and discuss the hobby of collecting toy soldiers!

At the show we introduced the latest batch of Wake Island Hand to hand sets as well as the new F4 Wildcat airplane.

Today at the store we just received form Figarti Miniatures… the new V1 and V2 rockets as well as a small batch of the ETG-80 Early Tiger Tank.

I also have some unique pieces that I am shipping back that I picked up in various customer collections

March News

Well here is the quick news

New from Conte Collectibles
Roman and Barbarian Winter series!
60mm Painted Metal
6 New Sets just arrived!

sku product prices aleprice
ROME-007 Barbarians Attacking–two metal figures 84.95 74.95
ROME-008 Barbarian Casualties–two metal figures 84.95 74.95
ROME-009 Shield Wall Set #1–three figures and base forming Roman shield wall 120 94.95
ROME-012 Legionaries Attacking Set #1–two painted metal figures 84.95 74.95
ROME-013 Legionaries Attacking Set #2–two painted metal figures 84.95 74.95
ROME-014 Roman Casualties–two painted metal figures 84.95 74.95

1/32 Scale Plastic sets

British firing Line Now in stock
BAR-BFL British Grenadiers 16 in 4 Poses $21.95

Coming Soon….
Armies in Plastic
has just announced several new sets for March
1/32 Scale Plastic Toy Soldiers
Spanish American War
Japanese Army
War of 1812
Canadian Army