NJ Toy Soldier Show this weekend

On Sunday, March 3rd, Eddie Gries’ 17th Annual New Jersey Toy Soldier Military & Miniature Figure Show and Sale, returns to the Clarion Empire Meadowlands Hotel (formerly Crowne Plaza), 2 Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, NJ 07094. SHOW HOURS : 9am-3pm. Admissions: ADULTS $6.00 and CHILDREN Under 10 are FREE w. Adult For more information call Eddie Gries: 201-257-2687

Hobby Bunker will be attending!

Figarti Miniatures – Stuka’s Are in!

We just received the Stuka’s From Figarti Miniatures.
We will begin shipping them today!

1/30 Scale Painted Resin and Metal Models

German JU87 Stuka – Battle of Britain Version
Item Number: ETG-084

German Winter JU87 Stuka
Item Number: ETG-089

Price: $289.00 Each

If you think you missed out let us know, we have a few remaining

– Matt

The Collectors Showcase

The new FEBRUARY releases arrived in TX, We should have by the end of the Month!

TCS00631 Tiger Wittmann Kursk w/ 2 figs Open & Close Hatches
TCS00649 Hanomag Normandy 1 fig
TCS00651 Hanomag Normandy Jumpers One 2 figs
TCS00652 Hanomag Normandy Jumpers Two 2 figs
TCS00672 Guillaume des Bordes w/ Oriflamme
TCS00673 Valeran de Raineval w/Lance
TCS00675 Sir Walter Paveley
TCS00674 Charles d’Albret w/lance
TCS00676 English Knight Sword Wielder
TCS00677 David Gamme – Wounded
TCS00678 French Artillery Gun
TCS00679 French Artillery Ignitor & Sponger 2 figs
TCS00680 French Commander 1 fig
TCS00681 French Ammo Carrier & Mover 2 fig
TCS00583 US 2nd ID Advancers2 figs
TCS00584 US 2nd ID Firing 2 figs
TCS00585 US 2nd ID MG Team 2 figs
TCS00587 US 2nd ID 57mm Anti-Tank Gun 3 Figs & Ammo Shells,Box

The Blizzard is over

Well business as usual……


We were able to open up Sunday, playing catch up today.

the blizzard is here!

the blizzard is here!


Hobby Bunker is officially closed, Friday 3PM
We will try and open on Saturday when the storm winds down and the roads become clear. If this doesn’t happen then we will re-open on Sunday.


How do you know if we are open? email and wait until we respond. Call (781)321-8855 and a human answers we are here!